Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy Times

Spring is an insane time for me. The weather is getting warmer so I want to be outside. My kids tend to act out with Spring Fever and I am at the school a lot. Planting needs to consume all of my time, but can’t. This will be a brief catch-up without super accurate numbers.

First round of Tidal Wave and Wave Petunias that I planted from seeds purchased at Lowe’s. There are approximately 60 plants.

Tidal Wave Petunia

Wave Petunia

Wizard Coleus with about 8 plants. I am not having luck with the Coleus like I did a couple of years ago.

Wizard Coleus

California Wonder Bell Peppers have around 70 survivors. I also have 9 Jalapeno plants.

California Wonder Peppers

I have a variety of Dahlia’s coming up. Here are four flats plus I just planted several more.


This is a flat of Petunia Hybrid Choice. I’ve never grown the smaller border petunias and just stick to the Wave varieties, but thought I’d do something different this year. This flat had a clear plastic cover and has essentially been ignored as in no water for a couple of weeks.

Petunia Hybrid Choice

Same seed packet, but grown without the plastic cover. Obviously the greenhouse effect makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, the covers are $3 each and I need about 100!!

Petunia Hybrida Choice

My first year growing Carnations and there are about 70 that are hanging on.


I have around 200 Impatiens of different varieties that are doing great. I’ve been pinching them back which is something I never bothered to do before. It sure makes a difference in the strength of the stem.


Early Girl Tomatoes about 2 feet tall. These will be for the greenhouse and I think there are around 25.

Early Girl Tomatoes

Another 20-some plants of Sweet 100’s and Purple Cherokee. I also will be starting tomatoes to try growing outside.

Sweet 100's and Cherokee Purple

Border Scarlet Geraniums (26). I seem to lose more than I keep.


I have 10 Rainbow Coleus.

Rainbow Coleus

Moss Roses that could use a transplanting. This is my first year with these as well.

Moss Rose

Lots of Stocks coming up.

Dwarf Stocks

Plus multiple flats of Snapdragons because I tend to be a little rough transplanting and lose quite a few. Too big of a hurry!


Livingstone Daisy…one of my favorites.

Livingstone Daisy

I have flats and flats of Zinnia. I am planting the 100-foot bed along the fence with them. I know it is a move I am going to regret, but I am getting tired of the Petunias.


A very late start to these Maverick Geraniums. I hemmed and hawed for over a month on my seed order and then it took over two weeks to arrive. I have many plants that are way behind which is greatly going to affect my success.

Maverick Geranium

One of the late starts are the Wave Petunias. Highly unlikely I will have very big hanging baskets (again) this year.

Wave Petunia

Here’s the whole plant room. Thousands of little plants vying to be the one who goes into my garden.


My plant room will hold 168 flats (and 42 shop lights)….one flat holds 10 - 4 inch round pots or 18 - 3 inch square pots or 12 - 6-packs with 72 plants…you get the idea. There’s room to have a lot going on (and it seems I always want more room!).


Stacy Davis said...

OMG...totally envious! I would love to have space to do this...we only have a small area in the basement (the scary murder basement...*shiver*) in which to grow starts...and since the basement creeps me the hell out, I make Mike do it. hehehe. Great looking plants. Again, I cannot WAIT to see what your gardens look like this year!

ChrisC said...

Geeze-I feel like such a slacker compared to you.I have plant room envy....

Nancy J said...

I am stunned!! Fluoro lights, covers, so many flats, and all named, do you have a watering system that does it automatically? And would anything grow without lighting?Is your garden growing room insulated?? I so like the petunias in your garden, your mass planting of one colour makes a stunning show.I came here from your other blog. Cheers from Jean.