Friday, March 16, 2012

Lots of Life


As usual I am way behind in planting. I haven’t even ordered my petunia seeds which should already be planted.

Last night Olivia helped me with watering, transplanting some Impatiens and mixing container soil. Little hands are hard on seedlings, but passing on my passion for gardening is far more important. I guess it is good that I over plant.

We broke apart half a sheet of Styrofoam to put in the bottom as these pots are very large. The mix was 2 parts soil, I part peat moss and 1 part sand or perlite (we alternated these two). It took 20-2 pound yogurt containers of material to fill the rest of  the planter (that’s our measuring cup).


Impatiens… currently 129 transplanted and about 16 6-packs to go.



California Wonder Peppers…about 19 6-packs.


Obviously I need to move the Early Girl Tomatoes under a taller light….there are 17 plants.


Sweet 100’s….24 (and a few more peppers).


I have 26 Geraniums left. Lost a few to stem rot. I need to get a far circulating the air.


Cherokee Purple…12 plants.


Impatiens and about 48 6-packs of Carnations seeded. This is my first year trying these, but I did see them growing outside the hospital in Anchorage when I was there last summer with my son so I am hopeful.


A few of the Wave Petunia’s came up in four flats. I used some different seeds and did not have my usual success which is why I’ll make an order today.


I have a total of 40 flats either growing or seeded. The plant room is still a disaster and is frustrating to work in so I seem to be avoiding it this year. I wish I would have thought to get things organized earlier this winter. The key will be to ending the season with it ready to go for Spring. This is hard to move in!


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