Friday, March 2, 2012

Time to Organize


I mixed some soil for hanging baskets the other day. The mixture I am trying is 4 parts soil, 2 parts peat and 1 part sand. It feels really nice, but if you have a better suggestion I am open to ideas. This is just a “formula” I found on the internet. For my seeding mixture I am using 1 part soil, 2 parts perlite and 2 parts peat. So far the seedlings seem to be doing well in it. Again, open for suggestions. If you are wondering, I do not care for my hanging baskets. They are 12-inch and too small. I would also rather have plastic as these dry out so quickly, but I cannot justify the expense of new when I have so many of these. I’ll have to make it work.


Today, I ran out of space to put flats and was forced to finally address the mess.


I didn’t get too far, but at least opened up a few lights for the new flats. Tomorrow I’ll put together a post of all the things I’ve started so far.


I did transplant my geraniums into 4-inch pots. The border scarlet had 14 of the 18 seeds planted germinate, but the Colorama F2 only had 16 of the 30 seeds grow. I don’t mind…for $1.19 I got 16 plants…not so bad (if I can keep them alive). Plus, it just means I can justify ordering some other colors.



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Nancy J said...

I looked at your other blog then came here.Do you grow everything in the glasshouse? all year? And are these all for your and your family?I loved the petunias, what a long row to get done. Looking forward to seeing more of you, family and gardens. Cheers from Jean in NZ.