Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is Here!

Olivia and I did some work in the greenhouse. I’d like to get the furnace running and my flats moved out into the sun.
One should always finishing cleaning out the beds in the Fall. It wasn’t a lot of fun to do now, but we got it done. Then I tilled the bed on the left. At the end of last season I topped each bed with 3-4 inches of compost and needed to mix it in.
My husband brought me home two really big thermometer’s to check soil temperatures. He’s always bringing me odd stuff for my gardening. The undisturbed bed was 46*.
I dug two feet down to the bottom where it was also 46*.
The dirt that had just been tilled read 52*. The air temperature during the day was 80*. It still gets down to 30* at night.
I’m not a big fan of Spring and mud. I’d like it to go from Winter to Summer.
Seeing the sun shine and my garden beds buried drives me nuts so I spent some time Saturday and Sunday flinging snow into the drive to melt. (This photo was at the beginning).
Hopefully in the next few days we’ll have things up and running. Some of my plants have outgrown the plant room especially the tomatoes and Impatiens.

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Nancy J said...

It will be great to see the next installment of plants outside.I can see on the internet your temperatures are getting slightly warmer, your daytime highs are almost the same as our overnight lows, about 5C to 8C, last week we had 2.7C.Are the trees on your boundary, and is there wildlife there??I so enjoy your blog, both blogs really, with all the family and garden news. Cheers from Jean in NZ