Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Very Little Progress

My Harris Seeds order arrived. I've been using them for several years for my Wave Petunia seeds. While still expensive they are far more reasonable than other places. Those particular seeds are $18 for 100 and I get about 500 of them. 

Progress for Monday was minimal and Tuesday was non-existent. Today I have to get cracking. I'm already behind. I got 36 California Bell Peppers planted. I'm thinking I should have done one more flat and may still do that.

8 6-packs of Dwarf Carnations. Last year I did a bed of carnations for the first time. The plants grew wonderfully, but flowers were limited. They just started to bloom as summer came to an end. This year I am going to put some in pots that can spend some extra time in the greenhouse hopefully helping.

18 Jalapeno Peppers. I thought I had a packet of another variety of pepper, but can't find it. I confuse myself a lot like this.

20 Mixed Geraniums.

I have no idea what I am going to do with these jars. With my big kitchen yet-to-be-built and my "temporary" kitchen full they all went here. We have a heated slab so I can't put them on the floor. I'm just dreading this....

....and mostly this mess. All winter long my shelves become a catch-all for tote lids, newspapers, tools, even my chainsaw. This week has been a nightmare of broken-down cars and my husband working out-of-town that I've been dragging my feet on getting in here and getting it done. Last year I swore to not let this happen again. So much for good intentions.

My dirt is still under two feet of snow. The son I asked for help "forgot". I hear that we are getting a couple more inches of snow this weekend. Blah. I want summer and this is reality.

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Here I Am/Carrie said...

I had to come by for some inspiration. I just got back up to our ranch a couple weeks ago after spending the winter in the desert. Garden work all winter, so feel burned out before I have even begun here. I need to get my seeds started in the greenhouse. Maybe today would be a great day. It's snowing and hailing right now. I know how hard it is to get going when your work area is filled with stuff that doesn't belong. I keep finding stuff that hubby has dumped in mine. My bench is covered. I didn't order seeds this year. I am going to take it a bit easier in the gardening department. We have so many repair projects this summer that need more of my time. But thanks for being my inspiration to get down in the greenhouse today and start what seeds I do have. I love the scene still of the snow and sun shining.