Sunday, July 3, 2011


This is the cucumber and pepper side of the greenhouse. I planted a variety of cucumbers to see which we like best: Marketmore '76, Spacemaster, Garden Sweet and Muncher.  Curious to see which will produce the most and that we'll like the best.

This is the first one of any size and it comes from the Spacemaster cucumber plant.

Most of the plants have multiple starts.

The one thing I am finding extremely frustrating is that many of the plants will not grab on to the string.

Looking for any and all suggestions as to why this would be.
I'm looking forward to our first pickings. We are having such a cold and rainy summer my outlook for success is getting more dim with each day. We had measurable rain on over half of the days in June, and others were equally gloomy. June's average temperature still reads high, but that is only because the over night temperatures were higher than normal due to cloud cover. It's just been plain miserable. We wait so long for summer to come...having a hard time enjoying this one. On a brighter note: July is the only month on record that it hasn't snowed in Fairbanks. Hope we don't break that one!

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