Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Update

Lovin' my petunias!!  I hope I can move them out to a greenhouse soon.  The artificial lighting is really holding them back.  I noticed that two weeks ago mine were the same size as the greenhouses and now their plants are 3 times the size of mine with flowers!
Peppers gone wild!! I sure hope these produce a lot and I can freeze them for all winter.  Our peppers are $2 a piece in the store so I never buy them. (Red, yellow and orange are $2.50 each).
Lots of marigolds started.  Never as big as I would like them to be at this late stage, but it will all work out.
The zucchini is ready to get out of the house as well.
Lots of Dianthus to repot.
This cucumber is ready to climb!  We have everything to finish the roof and sides of the greenhouse, but have had high winds the last couple of days and can't work on it.  It's getting very frustrating.
The tomatoes out grew the shelving a long time ago and I moved them over by the windows.

I have a lot more going on inside and out, but wanted to give a quick update since it has been so long.  I'll see if I can get more photos today.

I'm attempting to grow barely fodder for Daisy and the chickens. It's definitely a learning process.  I think the answer is to soak the seeds for a couple days instead of one so I'll try that next.  This is a Day 6 photo and this morning it is quite a bit thicker.  It's supposed to be an 8 day growing cycle.  I'll be able to feed it, but I really would have liked there to be more greens.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

is there anything that didn't grow

Tink *~*~* said...

Let me know when you are going to freeze the peppers. I'm interested in your method. Every time I try, they are SO mushy when I thaw them!