Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things Are Getting Busy!

This is how most every morning know, after I get five kids fed and four off to school.  I head into the grow room to water my thirsty plants with my coffee in hand. It's about an hour long process now.  I need a bigger watering can.  I have one, but the spout is too big.  The one I use only holds a quart, but have a small spout that is perfect. You can imagine how many trips back to the kitchen for warm water that is!  And no, I'm not losing weight because of it.
We have cucumbers!! Yea! I did some in peat pots and won't do that again.  They seem to dry out instantly and I'm not really sure anything will germinate.  I believe I have five varieties that we are trying.

Out of all the vegetables that I want to make it these are number one.  Little cherry tomatoes are like Nature's Candy. I grew a few two years ago, but the greenhouse was started to late and I was left in late fall with tons of green ones.  Last year the greenhouse wasn't used so I am very excited this year.  I can almost taste them.
These are the California Wonder Peppers.  I also started some Jalapenos and have some Habaneros to plant (not that I'm going to eat them, but I'll give them to the guys that work with my husband).
This is Swiss Chard.  I've never even seen or eaten this before, but the package looked so interesting.  I have conflicting information for growing this in Alaska.  One thing tells me to start it ahead of time and another says it won't transplant very well and to start it outside.  I planted half the packet and will sow the other half directly.
The Schizanthus seem to be doing better this year. Not as spindly, but it's still early.
Look at those Geraniums.  They really took off!  I wish I would have planted more, but I only had a couple survive last year so this is an improvement.  There's always next year. :)
A blurry shot of the tomatoes sent from Oregon.  (I'm really too exhausted to go take a new photo).
I am so happy with the Livingstone Daisies.  Last year they just grew into one big blob in a flat and were planted that way.  This year I actually got a lot transplanted and now I'll be able to be a bit more creative.

The Roma's are doing great.  I still have that panic feeling thinking I should have grown twice as many, but this will be the learning year.

Some of the Wave Petunias are coming up.  I stress the most about these checking them several times a day.  The seeds come to about 16 cents each and if they don't grow I can't replace them as they go for about $3.79 a plant (last year).  Fingers crossed!  They already don't seem to be doing as great with the fine vermiculite.  I've never used it before even though it says to.  Not sure it's working out.
I am up to 73 flats in various stages of growth.  Still behind, but that's my own fault.  I can't pass the seed rack without picking up one or two new packets.  I want to try everything!
Still so much crap on the other shelves.  Bad idea to use them for storage...not like I didn't have all winter to clean them off.

Well, that's it for tonight.  It's been a long day.  I hope to make some real progress tomorrow.  I need to do a count at some point as well. Happy Gardening!!

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FlowerLady said...

Wow Gayle ~ 73 flats of goodies for your gardens, for beauty, for eating and for sharing. I am impressed with all that you do up there in Alaska with your short growing season. Your garden beds are always overflowing with color and I enjoy seeing your baskets of petunias hanging on the fence.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady