Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back At It

Today, I transplanted the last twelve Geraniums that were baggie-started, but tonight it looks like two won't make it. They were small and I should have given them another day.  I'm too impatient!  That brings the total to 30 out of 41 or a 73% germination rate using the paper towel and bag method. Only a 68% survival far...if I don't kill anymore. The seeds started in the soil have 3 sprouts.
I put 479 Schizanthus seeds on paper towel (counted using an enlarged photo).  Not even sure I'll be able to transplant these as they are awfully tiny seeds, but I'm willing to give it a try.  Worst case scenario is I've wasted two packets and have to start over.  Best case scenario, I have surgeons hands and can do it!
I also packaged up 161 Verbena, 132 Pansy Swiss Giants and 38 Pansy Tidal Wave Mix.  Everyone is safely tucked in darkness.
Look at these little guys go.  Last year I didn't have very good luck and only ended up with five Geraniums that made it to summer and pots in the yard.  Hoping for a little more success this season.

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sue in mexico mo said...

I had to google schizanthus. I have never heard of this plant.