Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plant Room Update

The numbers are pretty close to what I have in the plant room so far.



 Wave Petunia-178
 (left) Starfire Signet Marigold-22 and (right) Livingstone Daisy-32 6-packs
 Garden Sweet Cucumber-62
Spacemaster Cucumber-3
Olympian Cucumber-11
 Marketmore '76 Cucumber-51
 Muncher Cucumber-26
 CA Wonder Pepper-56
Golden Nugget Tomato-65
 Sugar Baby Watermelon-22 seeded
 Dianthus-2 flats that need transplanted/thinned
 Early Girl Tomato-39
Roma Tomato-14
 Pineapple Tomato-9
 Sweet 100 Tomato-58
 Swiss Chard-20
 Kohlrabi-24 6-packs
 Brussels Sprouts-12
Aster Powderpuff-124
French Cantaloupe-1

I have also seeded Summer Squash, Lupine, Lupine Dwarf, Cabbage, Habanero, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Disco Marigold, Snowman Marigold, Snapdragons, Impatiens and Zucchini.  Still plugging away.  I've got many more varieties of plants I want to grow.  Looking forward to moving stuff out to the greenhouse as it's starting to get crowded!